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Data indicates that majority of Bitcoin investors are still in profit

Data indicates that 76% of Bitcoin investors are still in profit

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has corrected about 50% against its historic high of almost $65,000, most investors continue to profit. According to a recent report by Glassnode, even with the drop to the $30,000 zone, about 76% of bitcoin holders are profiting. According to Glassnode, veteran

AI discovers which animals could host new coronaviruses

A study published yesterday (16) in the scientific journal Nature raised an important question for the understanding and prophylaxis of new forms of coronavirus arising from homologous recombination among infectious agents: which host animals could harbor sources of new forms of the virus? To answer

Brazillian researcher discovered a new type of intelligence

A Portuguese-Brazilian researcher and neuroscientist discovered a new type of intelligence, unable to be registered by psychological tests: the DWRI (Development of wide regions of intellectual interference). Identified by Fabiano de Abreu, the new concept was recently published by the International Journal of Development Research