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Reddit was valued at more than $10 billion

Reddit was valued at more than $10 billion

Reddit reached a value of $10 billion, a level reached after the company obtained a financing of $410 million. As GadgetsNow says, the financing is a good illustration of investor confidence in the path Reddit will take in the near future, eliminating the toxicity and

Gamestop store

Gamestop pulls back plan to sell 3.5 million shares

GameStop stock retreated in pre-market trading on Monday after the video game retailer said it could sell up to 3.5 million shares while trying to take advantage of rising prices after a frenzy driven by Reddit group wallstreetbets. Gamestop store (Image: International Banker) According to

Gamestop shares surge 104% and “WallStreetBets” is celebrating

GameStop Corp (GME) doubled in value during Wednesday’s trading and continued to rise in the negotiations after closing after reports that an activist led a change in the company. The so-called “meme stock” rose 25% in the aftermarket, after gaining 104.2% during trading hours. GameStop