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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

SAMSUNG’S GALAXY WATCH 5 IS A SMALL BUT SUCCESSFUL UPGRADE OVER LAST YEAR’S MODEL Although its improvements are mostly incremental—slight design changes, small bumps in battery life, and a more curved back for a snugger fit—the Galaxy Watch 5 (available at Amazon for $279.99) is the

Clubhouse app

Clubhouse may be released to Android in May

Clubhouse app is one of the great sensations of this early 2021, but, unfortunately, it has remained an exclusive iOS app until now. Well, it looks like the situation may be about to change. Clubhouse may be released to Android in May (Image: DW) It

New Android malware disguises itself as a system update

A new malware for Android that is in circulation pretends to be an important resource for the system, but in fact it can steal all your data and still remotely control the device. The threat was identified by the digital security company Zimperium, which studied

Android 12 will bring a compact mode for big screen phones

The first rumors about Android 12 keep coming: the latest information indicates that Google is working in a compact mode for its operating system. The function is ideal for mobile phones with a large screen, as it changes the layout of elements such as apps