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AI discovers which animals could host new coronaviruses

A study published yesterday (16) in the scientific journal Nature raised an important question for the understanding and prophylaxis of new forms of coronavirus arising from homologous recombination among infectious agents: which host animals could harbor sources of new forms of the virus? To answer

Clubhouse invites are being sold for more than $100 on the web

Clubhouse started 2021 as the social network of the moment. With its unique proposal of having only audio conversations, the application is exclusive for iPhone and only allows the entry by invitation of a user already active on the platform With the restriction, invitations started

Android 12 will bring a compact mode for big screen phones

The first rumors about Android 12 keep coming: the latest information indicates that Google is working in a compact mode for its operating system. The function is ideal for mobile phones with a large screen, as it changes the layout of elements such as apps

Amazon is developing a new digital currency

Amazon is working on a new project to develop its own digital currency. According to recent posts on Amazon Jobs, a platform that advertises job openings, software development engineers and managers are being hired to develop a new payments product. According to the announcements, Amazon