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Gamestop shares surge 104% and “WallStreetBets” is celebrating

GameStop Corp (GME) doubled in value during Wednesday’s trading and continued to rise in the negotiations after closing after reports that an activist led a change in the company. The so-called “meme stock” rose 25% in the aftermarket, after gaining 104.2% during trading hours. GameStop

Bill Gates was once an hater and now he is a bitcoin “supporter”

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, spoke about bitcoin and digital currencies in two separate interviews last Thursday (18). At first, he said the world would be better off without innovations like cryptocurrencies because they facilitate some criminal activities. However, he took a more subdued

Luxury electric vehicles manufacturer Lucid Motors is going public

Lucid Motors, the luxury electric vehicles manufacturer is near to close a deal to go public through a merger with a blank-check company started by investment banker Michael Klein, and the deal could be announced early this week, according to people familiar with the matter

Elon Musk defends Tesla bitcoin investment

Elon Musk took a stand in defense of Tesla investment in bitcoin (BTC). In an interview with Bloomberg, Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said he was surprised by the billionaire’s stance on dogecoin (DOGE) while he chooses to invest in another cryptocurrency. It didn’t take long

A mysterious entity bought 20 thousand bitcoin mining machines

Russia received the largest import of bitcoin mining machines (BTC) in history in December 2020. There were 20,000 units of the equipment purchased for an estimated $ 40-60 million by an unknown company in Siberia. The information was revealed on Wednesday (10) by the Russian

Nigeria senator : Bitcoin has made our currency useless

The Senate of Nigeria did not properly erase the Central Bank’s attempt to ban bitcoin, which ordered all banks in the country to close accounts of people associated with cryptocurrencies. Reacting to the news during the Thursday plenary session, Senator Sani Musa of the Niger