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Spotify warns Apple Watch owners not to update to WatchOS 9 because of a bug

Released last Monday, WatchOS 9 arrived with iOS 16 and the remaining versions of Apple’s systems. With the new features known since the time it was presented at last year’s WWDC, it has now had its confirmation.

Curiously, and according to a large number of users, this version dedicated to the Apple Watch brings a bug. This must be resolved urgently, as it prevents the Spotify app from stopping working on these smart watches. The recommendation is that WatchOS 9 should not be installed.

The latest versions of Apple’s systems do not seem to be 100% complete. There are already several cases of problems and abnormal situations reported by iOS users, particularly associated with the iPhone 14. These are now extended to WatchOS 9 as well.

The reports exist from the first moment and show that there is even a flaw associated with this version of the system dedicated to the Apple Watch. This has not been detailed, but it is known that it affects, for example, the Spotify app created for this watch.

What users report is that the streaming service simply stops working. Streaming on the Apple Watch stops working within the first minute, yet the track progress bar continues to advance, albeit without the audio. The problem occurs with any connection, but not if content is downloaded to the watch.

Spotify’s recommendation is clear and asks users not to install this version, at least until Apple releases an update that fixes the problem. Those who have already made the update have the alternative of downloading the music to their watches and listening that way.

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