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Walmart unveils virtual fitting room to push shoppers to buy more clothes

As some shoppers reduce their spending on clothes, Walmart is rolling out a new tool that it hopes will nudge them toward clicking the “buy” button.

Starting this week, customers can use a virtual try-on tool to see how a shirt, or another clothing item would look on their own bodies. It is the latest feature the company has added to its website because of the acquisition of Zeekit, a virtual fitting room start up.

The retailer launched its first iteration of the tool in March, which allowed shoppers to choose a model that resembled them in body type, skin tone, and hair colour. It later expanded from 50 to 120 models. Other retailers have experimented with virtual try-ons too, including Amazon, which has a tool that uses augmented reality to allow shoppers to see how a shoe would look on their feet.

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