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Crypto trading reacts calmly to the revolution in Ethereum

The protocol change in Ethereum is seen as the second most important moment in the crypto universe, following the founding of bitcoin. Still, crypto trading has reacted calmly.

The main cryptocurrencies are on Thursday morning trading flat, after in the early hours of this September 15 the protocol change on ethereum, the world’s second most popular crypto after bitcoin, was completed.

By 10:02 am, ethereum’s currency was showing little change at $1,600, while bitcoin remained at $20,000. Cardano and Solana were two other coins with no fluctuations.

In the early hours of this Thursday, Ethereum changed its validation protocol from “proof of work”—a mechanism that involves mining, i.e., a complex computing process that requires large amounts of energy—to “proof of stake,” where the currency is validated by holding assets.

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