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Patreon has decided to lay off 17% of its workers

The company also announced the closure of two offices.

The company responsible for the crowdfunding platform Patreon has announced that it will lay off around 17% of its workforce and close two of its offices in Europe. The news was shared in a blog post by the company’s CEO himself, Jack Conte.

About the redundancies, it is known that 80 people are leaving Patreon and that the teams most affected will be “operations, recruitment, and other internal support functions.” Sales and marketing budgets will also be cut.

It is known that the two offices that will be closed are located in Berlin, Germany, and Dublin, Ireland, where nine engineers will have the option to move to the US in order to continue working for the company.

Recall that Patreon is far from the only company to make these kinds of decisions, with several tech companies deciding to lay off workers and downsize operations.

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