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Apple fans can now order the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 will hit the market on September 16, with the exception of only one of four models.

Attention, Apple fans. As promised by the Apple Company, the new iPhone 14s are now available for pre-order. So, those who want to purchase Apple’s new phones and be one of the first to receive them, should place their order this Friday, the 16th.

Note that if you pre-order today, you should receive your iPhone 14 model on launch day, namely on September 16. The exception will be the iPhone 14 Plus, which won’t hit the market until October 7.

The base version of the iPhone 14 is priced at €1,039 ($1054,84), and interested parties can choose between five different colors. As for those interested in the iPhone 14 Pro, those will have to be prepared to ‘give up’ €1,349 ($1369,57) for the base version and will be able to choose between four shades.

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