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Samsung has ‘barbed’ Apple on the day the iPhone 14 was announced.

The company has shared a new video to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

It was on Wednesday the 7th that Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14, but shortly after the presentation, rival Samsung decided to share a new advertisement to make known one of its latest foldable screen phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

In the South Korean technology’s new video, a person (presumably with an iPhone) is introduced to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 by a friend, going on to see in everyday life lots of shapes that constantly fold. From books, restaurant menus, and even waving children, everything seems to ‘haunt’ the protagonist of this story.

The video aims to illustrate that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an evolution of the traditional form of a smartphone, and the “timing” chosen by Samsung to launch this new advertising is anything but innocent.

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