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Samsung has started bringing new Android updates to foldable smartphones.

When Samsung launched the new models of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, it also introduced a new update to its Android customization, the One UI 4.1.1. This is not yet associated with the latest version of Google’s system, but is based on version 12L.

It was promised by Samsung that this update would be made public, still without a specific date. That moment has finally arrived and, according to the brand, Android 12L is already being distributed to previous models, with all the new features that this version brings.

Samsung has released Android 12L.
Samsung is committed to keeping its smartphones up to date with the latest versions of Android. Even in the case of the foldable, the brand has been betting on this move, and the proof of this is in the latest update that was announced by the brand.

This is focused on the previous models of the foldable smartphones and thus wants to bring them Android 12L. This is dedicated to tablets and smartphones with larger screens, thus taking advantage of larger screens and different features from more traditional models.

What’s new in the Galaxy Z Fold? 
Dedicated to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, this update has some very specific improvements. Thus, and in the case of the larger model, Samsung thus brings the taskbar, which integrates in a unique way, always being present and providing direct access.

There are also other new features, such as a multitask update, which brings improvements to floating windows, drag and drop, and split screen. In terms of usability, there are also changes to the camera interface, so it can be used on any of the screens, not just for selfies.

The Z Flip will also have changes. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 also has new features coming, most of which are focused on the Cover Screen. It will be possible to access the camera and the modes it provides here. There will also be direct access to contacts and other features that were previously unavailable.

Samsung will also bring new features to the Galaxy Watch, with many changes. For now, and in the field of foldable smartphones, it will be the previous models that will receive. Later, and gradually, this update will reach version 2 of these same smartphones.

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