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Boris Johnson delivers a farewell speech. “It’s time for us to support Liz Truss.”


Boris says he is saddened to be forced out of office but assures support for successor.

In his farewell speech, a day after his successor, Liz Truss, was known, Boris Johnson expresses sadness at being forced out of No. 10, saying that the rules changed “halfway.”

“In a few hours I will be in Balmoral to meet the Queen and I will pass the baton,” says Boris Johnson, after thanking the audience for attending.

Boris says the new Prime Minister will find a fantastic group of staff, and boasts of the work done by the cabinet regarding Covid-19 and the vaccination process, as well as Brexit.

“Despite all the opposition and all the negativists, we managed to pass an economic support plan for this crisis caused by Vladimir Putin’s war,” he points out. “If Putin thinks he can succeed with blackmail and bullying on the British people, he is completely wrong.”

In a clear support for his successor, he says that “it’s time for politics to end. It’s time we all support Liz Truss and her program.”

“Today we laid the foundations that will stand the test of time,” he asserts. “And I will support Liz Truss and the new government every step of the way.”

Truss, who was named leader of the ruling Conservative party on Monday, will be named prime minister during another audience with the queen shortly afterwards.

On her return to London, she will also make a speech in Downing Street at 4:00 pm before starting to form a new government.

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