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Samsung takes advantage of the arrival of the iPhone 14 to throw some more barbs at Apple.

The wars between Samsung and Apple are well known, with the companies trying to stay away from these scenarios. If most of the time it is the users who provoke these confrontations, there are situations where they happen naturally and even in a funny way.

With the iPhone 14 coming, Samsung thought it was opportune to promote its smartphones, using the features that they have. This way it took advantage and sent some barbs to Apple and what it (does) not provide for the iPhone.

Next week Apple will present its new smartphone to the world. The iPhone 14 should arrive with a lot of new features that have been presented in an unofficial and still limited way, being still very much a secret, as usual in the Cupertino giant.

With this new feature on the way, Samsung thought it was time to show how its smartphones stand out in the market, especially against Apple’s products. It focused on the iPhone 14 and what proposals like the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold have, not only on the screen, but also in photography.

With one simple sentence, the narrator points to the future and what Apple users won’t have access to anytime soon. It starts with “get ready for Apple’s latest release as you enter a world where heads will turn, but not in your direction,” revealing that the interest will not be for the iPhone 14.

In a very straightforward way, Samsung shows how the Galaxy S22’s cameras achieve high zoom, something Apple doesn’t have yet. The shot of the moon, which is uniquely shown in this photo, at 100 times magnification is the perfect example, according to Samsung.

There is also the obvious attempt to praise all the technology associated with the folding screens of Samsung’s smartphones. Specifically, Samsung’s video points to the Galaxy Fold and Flip as the examples of something that Apple and the iPhone will take many years to have, and that is already standard in this brand.

It is in this direct and very focused way that Samsung shows the difference in technology that its smartphones have compared to the competition, especially Apple. It is certain that there will be news on September 7, but certainly these points pointed out in this video will still be far away.

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