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Samsung suffers a hacker attack and personal customer data leaks

Samsung revealed last Friday (2) that personal customer data was affected by an attack on the company’s systems. Among them may be names, contacts, demographic information, date of birth, and product registration. What was leaked varies from consumer to consumer.

The company reassures customers and says that credit and debit card numbers were not leaked, as well as Social Security numbers. Besides mentioning an American document, the statement about the incident was published only on Samsung’s US page, which may mean that only the systems of the subsidiary in the country were affected.

Samsung says it has strengthened the security of its platforms. In addition, it has hired a cyber security firm and contacted authorities to investigate what happened. The company is warning customers by email.

According to Samsung, an unknown agent gained unauthorised access to the systems in late July. In early August, he got the information from the customers, but not from the devices.

The company explains that customers do not need to take any action at the moment, but it is good to be wary of unsolicited emails and watch out for possible suspicious activity.

Samsung was attacked by hackers in March

This incident is not the first involving Samsung this year. In March, the company suffered an attack that resulted in the leak of 190 GB of confidential information.
The Lapsus Group claimed authorship of the action. The group said it obtained source codes and data related to security mechanisms, such as bootloaders and Samsung Knox; codes and data about encryption; and Samsung’s GitHub repositories involving Bixby and SmartThings code.
These hackers are the same ones who took control of the Ministry of Health’s systems in Brazil, leaving ConecteSUS inaccessible.

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