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New PS5 model on sale in Australia

Sony’s console PS5 appeared in the hands of some sellers in the country; the changes are few and arrive together with more expensive prices

After many Japanese retailers claimed that a new model of the PlayStation 5 would be arriving in shops on September 15, it has been discovered that shopkeepers in Australia are already holding the device. But, calm down. It’s not a Slim or Pro version of the video game, just a simpler hardware overhaul. Called CFI-1200, the console brings as main feature the fact that it is lighter than the first edition.

According to the Australian Press Start, many sellers in the country have already managed to identify the unreleased PS5 models. Both can already be purchased at shops such as EB Games, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, popular in Oceania.
Until the moment of publication of this news, the weight of the versions is the only point of distinction.

200 grams less than the 2021 revision and 500 grams lighter than the original version. 300 grams below the 2021 edition and 600 grams difference to the original console released in 2020.

PS5 revision comes with price increase

In several countries, prices have risen between $30 and $80.

At the same time that shops in Australia are already selling the new models of Sony’s console, the new PS5 values also come into effect.
According to the Japanese company, this is due to the high inflation rate, high dollar and market challenges. Anyway, don’t be surprised if you find the reviewed consoles for prices way above what you were expecting.

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