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Daily Archives: August 29, 2022

New Netflix ad-supported plan

Netflix upcoming ad-supported plan could cost anywhere from $7 to $9 per month, according to a Bloomberg report published over the weekend. For comparison, the streaming service offers a basic single-screen plan in the U.S. for $9.99 per month, while its most popular plan, which offers

Nokia first product? Toilet paper.

Did you ever think Nokia started by launching toilet paper? Did you ever think that the first product launched by a tech like Nokia might be toilet paper? Well, there are several big tech companies that started their journey with very different products from the

BAYC is the most stolen NFT collection

A new report by the Eliptic company has revealed that the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection of NFTs is a favourite among thieves. That way, according to the report, hackers stole more than 167 BAYC NFTs between 2021 and July 2022. According to the

Taliban bans cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency traders are being arrested by the Taliban in Afghanistan after the country’s central bank banned trading in digital assets. As Crypto Easy reported, when the Taliban took power in August last year, many citizens, especially women, found Bitcoin and other cryptos a form of

Powell speech pushes Bitcoin below $20,000

Bitcoin repeats falls from the day before, dropping to $19,920, where it had not been since July. Devaluation since year high approaches 60%. Jerome Powell’s determination to lower high inflation in the US also led to the fall of the most popular cryptocurrency. Jerome Powell