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Apple employees protest against plans to return to office

Apple employees were not happy with the news that they would have to return to the office and give up the home office

With that, employees created a petition, asking for greater flexibility in remote work.

This came shortly after an edict requiring employees to return to Apple’s Santa Clara Valley office for at least three days a week starting September 5, 2022.

This is a move by the company to return to what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has always reinforced how important the nature of personal collaboration is as fundamental to the company’s business and success.

On the other hand, Apple Together reports that the institution’s culture of secrecy makes casual moments of inspiration impossible and that employees are happier and more productive with a more flexible working model.

It was reported that this new hybrid way of working would initially be asking workers to come to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

However, it has now been set Tuesday and Thursday, with the third shift to be defined by both the employee and their manager.

But still, this edict has already caused Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s head of machine learning, to leave the company (to go to Google) looking for a more flexible job.

Apple Together turned out to be a powerful voice within a company that was already famous for its culture of secrecy. Information released in early 2022, claimed that Apple insulted women who reported incidents of misconduct, even sexual assault.

Ashley Gjøvik, a former employee, was fired after trying to report unsafe working conditions at an office in Sunnyvale. Apple is also accused of busting the union after its retail employees at several locations in the US began discussing the formation of a union

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