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Truth Social, Trump’s social network is censoring users

The social network created by former US President Donald Trump was launched earlier this week on Apple’s online store and had several errors and waiting lists for interested parties hoping to join the platform.

However, it is not just Truth Social’s technical problems that are being criticized. Apparently, several users are seeing their names censored. As Mashable reports, a user was prevented from using a name that parodies the name of Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes.

It is not uncommon for social networks to have policies aimed at moderating usernames and the content that can be shared. However, several users are pointing out that Truth Social was created to have less censorship and lighter moderation than platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the case of Truth Social, several users point out that the moderation policy can be stricter than that found on other social networks, with moderators having the power to remove “defamatory, libelous and questionable” content.

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