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Trump will sell NFTs of key moments of his time in the White House

Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump want to sell 10,000 NFTs that illustrate key moments in the former US president’s term, Parler, a pro-Trump social network, announced on Thursday.

Trump will sell NFTs of key moments of his time in the White House

Trump will sell NFTs of key moments of his time in the White House

The collection of authenticated numerical objects consists of “10 original numerical artworks, highlighting iconic moments from the Trump presidency, such as the July 4th visit to Mount Rushmore and Christmas at the White House,” reads a statement.

The works will only be revealed at the time of sale.

Melania Trump last year launched her own NFT platform, with numerical copies of a watercolor representing her “cobalt blue” eyes.

According to Vice, the first auction sale in January was disappointing and the organizers bought the collection themselves. The former first lady assured that it was a purchase through an intermediary.

The NFTs of the former US president, dubbed ‘POTUS TRUMP NFT’, will be sold at a fixed price of $50 each, through the website, on February 21, a public holiday in the United States.

It is also the date on which Donald Trump’s social network, ‘Truth Social’, should be officially launched, although the American media say that it will only be operational in March.

The platform was presented by Trump as an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, from which he was banned, accused of inciting his supporters to violence before the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The 75-year-old businessman harbors doubts about his intention to try again for a Republican nomination for a new run for the White House.

He is currently being investigated, in civil and criminal cases, about the management of his companies, his tax returns, about the maneuvers to try to stay in power after the defeat in the presidential elections of November 2020 and about the management of official documents. that should have been turned over to the American National Archives.

The sale of NFT on Monday will be partly managed by the social network Parler, which operates the sales website, and the “surprise” numerical objects will be registered through the Solana blockchain, the basis of a cryptocurrency that traded around $95 a unit. at 6pm on Thursday, according to

This is the only payment method accepted to bid on Melania Trump’s auctions, which also cover physical objects.

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