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Google fined $112 million for unauthorized ‘cookies’ practices in France

The French Council of State on Friday rejected Google appeal against two fines, totaling €100 million ($112 million), imposed for breaching its obligations in the practices of ‘cookies’, used for advertising aimed at the user.

Google fined $112 million for unauthorized 'cookies' practices in France

Google fined $112 million for unauthorized ‘cookies’ practices in France

In a statement, France’s highest administrative court ruled that the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL, for its French acronym) is competent to intervene against the US technology giant, which imposed those sanctions in December 2020.

This body also confirmed the findings produced at the time by the CNIL, that Google did not provide “clear and complete information” to those who accessed its ‘site’, that it did not obtain the prior consent of users and that the system did not oppose the ‘ advertising cookies.

The analysis carried out in March 2020 by this control body revealed that, when accessing the ‘google’ search engine, seven ‘cookies’ were automatically installed on the user’s computer and that four of these had a purely advertising function.

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The Council of State pointed out that the company changed its practices in August 2020, but, despite everything, continued “without explicitly informing the user about the purposes of its ‘cookies’ and how to reject them”, reports agency France. -Press (AFP).

The CNIL also accused the US giant that, even when the personalization of ads was turned off, one of the advertising ‘cookies’ was still stored on the computer and continued to record data for the search engine.

According to the Council of State, the fines imposed do not exceed the legal limit and “are not disproportionate” given the “important benefits” obtained thanks to the data collected by those tools and Google’s dominant position in France (about 47 million users and a market share of over 90%).

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