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Intel to unveil bitcoin mining chip ‘Bonanza Mine’ in February

Tech giant Intel looks set to finally get into the Bitcoin mining hardware business, but not with its new GPUs. According to the news, it will be through a chip, called “Bonanza Mine”.

Intel to unveil bitcoin mining chip 'Bonanza Mine' in February

Intel to unveil bitcoin mining chip ‘Bonanza Mine’ in February

The presentation to the public will be on February 20 at the International Conference on Solid State Circuits (ISSCC), in the city of San Francisco, United States.

Intel’s presentation has been scheduled under the “Featured Chip Releases” category, where it will detail the new chip that has been described as a “low-voltage, energy-efficient Bitcoin mining ASIC.”

The ISSCC conference is an annual gathering of the best and brightest minds in the chip industry. Intel will have the presentation of its “Bonanza Mine” there. That means Intel could soon compete with Bitmain companies in the market for specialized ASICs for mining Bitcoin.

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Commenting on the new chip for Tom’s Hardware, Intel said, “Intel has done design work around SHA 256 optimized ASICs for several years, starting with research work done at Intel Labs. We’ll share more details in the future.”

The filing comes on the heels of comments from Intel GPU chief Raja Koduri during a live stream last December that the company is working on specialized hardware for blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies.

There Koduri confirmed that the new chip would be completely separate from the graphics processors (GPU) that “will do graphics, games and all those wonderful things.”

Here you can see the interview about Intel GPUs:

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