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Trump’s social network to launch in February

Former US President Donald Trump’s social network is scheduled to launch on February 21 on iOS devices. The app, called Truth Social, was created by the Trump Media and Technology Group division and will be led by former member of the US House of Representatives, Devin Nunes.

Trump's social network to launch in February

Trump’s social network to launch in February

Among the images already present on the App Store page dedicated to Truth Social, it is possible to see that it has a design very close to Twitter. In the profile, the user’s photo is displayed on the left side and there is even space to customize the top of the page with a photo of your choice.

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  • On Truth Social posts are presented in a very similar way to Twitter, with the same comment, ‘repost’ and ‘like’ and share buttons being displayed in the same order. Bearing in mind that Twitter was considered Trump’s platform of choice, it’s no wonder that Truth Social was ‘inspired’ by this social network.

    Remember that Truth Social is now available to a limited number of users who have received an ‘invitation’ to start using the platform. However, The Verge notes that despite the release on iOS being confirmed, it is not known if the arrival on Android and the web version will take place on the same day.

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