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Russia blocks human rights organization website

On their Telegram account, OVD-info indicated that it has not received any communication from Roskomnadzor and does not know the causes of the blocking of the website.

Russia blocks human rights organization website

Russia blocks human rights organization website

“Naturally, we will clarify the details and try to unblock the site”, reports OVD-Info, which in September of this year was included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the list of “organisations that perform foreign agent functions”.

An RKN representative, quoted by Interfax agency, said the court explained that the decision to block the OVD-Info website was related to the fact that it “propagated terrorism and extremism”.

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  • “Social media administrators were required to eliminate accounts from that organization,” he added.

    The OVD-Info project was created in 2011 by journalist Grigori Ojorin and programmer Danil Beilins to report the number of detainees, with names and surnames, in protest demonstrations, as well as the prisons to which they are sent.

    This information was initially posted on the social network Facebook, after which a page was created on the Internet.

    This human rights organization also monitors politically motivated prosecutions and police abuses against detainees, provides legal assistance, including sending lawyers to places of detention, defending at trials and making complaints to the court.

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