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The number of bitcoin ATMs almost tripled in 2021

Despite the fact that buying Bitcoin at ATMs is more expensive, this means of acquisition has a lot of fans in the world. That is why the number of ATMs almost tripled this year compared to the previous one.

The number of bitcoin ATMs almost tripled in 2021

The number of bitcoin ATMs almost tripled in 2021

As of December 15, there were 33,483 ATMs in the world. This number is not the same today, as they are growing at the rate of 53 ATMs a day. Meanwhile, last year in December the number of ATMs was around 12,840. That is, the number almost increases three times.

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Meanwhile, in the first year of the pandemic: February 2020 to 2021, the number of ATMs doubled, according to a report from February 2021. That is, the pandemic and the greater push and popularity of cryptocurrencies have led to a greater installation of the machines.

Regarding the months, the month of July of this year is the one in which the most crypto ATMs have been installed: 2037. 41% of the ATMs have been manufactured by Genesis Coin, followed by 22% by General Bytes, the rest are made by smaller companies. Regarding operators, in first place is Bitcoin Depot (19.4%) followed by CoinCloud (13.7%), Coinflip (10%) and a series of companies with a lower percentage in the market.

76% of ATMs are for buying crypto only, while only 24% can be bought and sold. No ATM is made just to sell crypto. Almost all of the ATMs are for Bitcoin, while around 75% accept the purchase of altcoins, the most widely accepted being Litecoin and Ethereum, others offer cryptos such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Tether.

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