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Facebook blocks links to Kyle Rittenhouse donations

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook decided to block links to donations that would help pay the costs of Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawsuit.

Facebook blocks donation links to Kyle Rittenhouse

Facebook blocks donation links to Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is an 18 year old who in 2020 fought against protesters of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin (USA). After being attacked, the young man ended up killing two attackers and non-fatally shooting another.

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Kyle was tried on Friday (19) and acquitted of all charges, but to defend himself legally he had to hire good lawyers. In addition to these expenses, the young man’s family had to pay for private security guards, as he received threats made by anonymous people.

The President of the United States himself, Joe Biden, called Rittenhouse a white supremacist. The expenses with the process and security reached $500 thousand.

To date, $607,308 has been raised to help with the expenses of the case. Most likely, the young person will need psychological support for years after so much pressure and accusations.

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