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El Salvador will build 20 “Bitcoin Schools” with cryptocurrency profits

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has announced that the country will build 20 new “Bitcoin Schools” with the profits from the cryptocurrency.

El Salvador will build 20 “Bitcoin Schools” with cryptocurrency profits

The information was confirmed by the president’s press secretary on Twitter and shared by Bukele.

“Furthermore, I want to announce that with a few million left over from Bitcoin profits, we are going to build the first 20 Bitcoin schools, fully equipped and modern.”

In another tweet, Bukele added:

“Now we are seeing additional benefits, the schools we advertise. And, God willing, more works will come from the product of a Fund that was created and a Law that was created because we ignored the opposition”.

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According to local sources, the construction of 20 new “Bitcoin” schools is added to the 400 schools in the Minha Nova Escola Program. Bukele did not, however, provide further details about the schools.
Bitcoin Profits for Hospital and Schools

The fund for the construction of schools comes from the surplus of the Salvadoran Fund for the Adoption of Bitcoin. It is noteworthy that the largest cryptocurrency on the market is currently up above $63,000.

The schools were announced shortly after President Bukele performed the symbolic act of laying the foundation stone for El Salvador’s first public veterinary hospital.

“This veterinary hospital is a campaign promise,” he said. “And it’s being done with the profits from the purchase of Bitcoin.”

According to Bukele, this is the first public work in the world built with the profits of cryptocurrency.

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