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Trump goes to court to force Twitter to return access to his account

Former US President Donald Trump has gone to court to force Twitter to restore access to his account, suspended indefinitely after his supporters invaded the Capitol on January 6th.

Donald Trump goes to court to force Twitter to return access to his account

Trump goes to court to force Twitter to return access to his account

The news was advanced by Agence France Presse (AFP), which cites court documents: in a complaint, filed on Friday in a court in the state of Florida, where Donald Trump resides, the former US president denounces a “censorship” against himself, violating, according to him, his freedom of expression, defended in the United States by the sacrosanct First Amendment of the Constitution.

Twitter announced the suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account, “indefinitely due to the risk of further incitement to violence”, on Jan. 8, two days after the attack and invasion of the Capitol by hundreds of the former president’s supporters, who wanted to block certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election last November.

Five people died during or shortly after the attack, including a policeman, but also a protester, who was shot down while trying to force, with dozens of people, one of the doors inside the building.

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Donald Trump believes, as you can read in court documents, that Twitter, where he had more than 88 million followers, was “forced” to suspend his account by the US Parliament.

The platform “exercises a degree of power and control over political discourse in this country that is immeasurable, historically unprecedented, and profoundly dangerous to open democratic debate,”, says the complaint, which points out that even the Taliban, now in power in Afghanistan, can tweet.

Contacted by AFP, Twitter abstained from commenting on the news.

Donald Trump, who left the White House on January 20 after being defeated by Joe Biden, has also been banned temporarily or permanently from most other major social networks or Internet platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat.

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