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Belarus president wants to use the country’s electricity to mine cryptocurrencies

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the government to do something with the excess electricity generated in the country, even suggesting the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Belarus president wants to use the country's electricity to mine cryptocurrencies

Belarus president wants to use the country’s electricity to mine cryptocurrencies

His comments came last Friday (27) during the opening of a power plant in Petrikov, a city located 377 km from the capital Minsk. The information is from the Russian website RBC.

Lukashenko said Belarus has enough energy resources to power cryptocurrency companies, suggesting the use of abandoned industries by miners looking for space.

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According to the president, the cryptocurrency mining activity can be as profitable as the cultivation of strawberries, given that the new center was built to also feed strawberry greenhouses.

“We must understand, they are not waiting for us anywhere […] Build something based on electricity. After all, start mining cryptocurrencies or whatever it’s called. There is enough electricity in the country.”, says an excerpt from the publication by Cointelegraph.

The publication recalled that earlier this year, the Belarusian Ministry of Energy said it was investigating the risks and benefits of cryptocurrency mining for possible entry into the sector.

Lukashenko’s request comes as cryptocurrency mining has generated global criticism for its negative environmental impact.

Industry crackdowns in China have also impacted the market, as local miners struggle to relocate their operations in other countries.

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