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Airbnb will host 20,000 Afghan refugees after Taliban coup

Airbnb announced on Tuesday (24) that they intend to start hosting refugees from Afghanistan, a country that has been severely afflicted by the violent advance of the Taliban, which already controls most of the nation, for free.

Airbnb will host 20,000 Afghan refugees after Taliban coup

Airbnb will host 20,000 Afghan refugees after Taliban coup

According to the CEO of the real estate rental platform, Brian Chesky, the plan is to welcome 20,000 Afghans who want to cross borders.

The refugees will be housed in properties listed on Airbnb and the stays will be paid for by the company itself, Chesky said on Twitter. However, it was not specified exactly how much the company plans to spend on the initiative or how long the refugees will be housed.

“The displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the United States and elsewhere is one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time,” Chesky said. “We feel a responsibility to intervene.” The executive also added that he hopes the Airbnb initiative will “inspire other business leaders” to do the same. “There is no time to waste”, he adds.

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The company’s CEO stressed that any person who wants to host an Afghan refugee family should “get in touch”. He also promised to redirect them to the “right people” on the platform. Chesky says the company has partnered with NGOs to meet the “most urgent needs” of the host families.

Airbnb is not the only technology and digital company to demonstrate support for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. While the need to help the Afghan people is evident, companies also see a great opportunity to boost their image in the process.

Texas Medical Technology, a medical equipment supplier, also told CNBC on Tuesday that it will hire at least 100 refugees for a year at one of its factories in Houston.

Airbnb has been bringing this type of initiative in times of crisis since 2012. Today, valued at around US$ 92 billion, the company claims that it has taken in around 75,000 people in emergency situations since then.

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