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Production of Tesla’s Cybertruck begins next year

Tesla Cybertruck design has made this truck one of the electric vehicles most awaited by consumers in this segment, but apparently those interested will have to be a little more patient.

Production of Tesla's Cybertruck begins next year

Production of Tesla’s Cybertruck begins next year

Tesla hoped to start production of Cybertruck later this year, which would allow it to deliver some units as early as 2021 and start making most deliveries in early 2022.

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  • However, the company led by Elon Musk seems to have made the decision to postpone production to 2022. As Digital Trends says, on Cybertruck’s pre-purchase page on Tesla’s website, the message appears that the company’s customers will succeed “complete setup as production approaches in 2022”.

    It should be noted that neither Tesla nor Elon Musk communicated this information, but given the company’s most recent financial results presentations – where Musk was cautious about Cybertruck – this news were already expected by Tesla’s followers.

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