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One of Tesla’s new cars caught fire without explanation

In June, Tesla launched the Model S Plaid, a more powerful version of its electric car capable of going from 0 to 100km/h in less than two seconds. However, it is this model that is causing a lot of talk due to a case in the outskirts of Philadelphia, USA.

One of Tesla's new cars caught fire without explanation

One of Tesla’s new cars caught fire without explanation

It was shortly after receiving his Model S Plaid that the Tesla customer noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle, which was followed by flames. The client’s attorney (who remains anonymous) told Business Insider that the driver had difficulty getting out of the car but escaped unharmed.

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The car ended up covered in flames and completely destroyed, with the source of the spontaneous fire still to be determined. Firefighters reportedly took about 90 minutes to control the flames emanating from the vehicle’s battery.

The driver’s lawyer says he contacted Tesla about the situation. The company has already stated that it intends to investigate the case and understand what was at the origin of the problem.

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