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Washington prosecutor accuses Amazon of anti-competitive practices

Amazon behavior and market share prove its intention to build a monopoly and indicate a dangerous likelihood of success, ” said attorney Karl Racine, in his complaint.

Washington prosecutor accuses Amazon of anti-competitive practices

Washington prosecutor accuses Amazon of anti-competitive practices

Racine criticized the e-commerce conglomerate for preventing companies from selling their cheaper products somewhere other than on their platform. He demanded compensation, interest and measures to ban such practices in the future.

“Amazon used its dominant position in the internet distribution market to win at any price,” he was indignant, in a message distributed on Twitter.

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  • The Seattle group “maximizes its profits at the expense of sellers and consumers forced to pay artificially high prices, while harming competition and innovation,” he continued.

    The big tech companies are under unprecedented pressure from the US authorities on their practices considered anti-competitive, after similar interventions in Europe.

    Google and Facebook are subject to lawsuits over their “monopolies”, namely advertising. Several other lawsuits concern Apple and Amazon, accused of being both judges and stakeholders on their respective platforms.

    The government of US President Joe Biden appears determined to question the power they have accumulated in their sectors, thanks to the pandemic period, which has made its services even more prevalent in the daily habits of consumers and citizens.

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