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Twitter is launching a subscription service ‘Twitter blue’ that will cost $2,99

Rumors have been circulating for some time about the possibility of Twitter launching a subscription service, which provides users (who choose to become members) some exclusive features.

Twitter is launching a subscription service 'Twitter blue' that will cost $2,99

Twitter is launching a subscription service ‘Twitter blue’ that will cost $2,99

Right now, the name or price of the subscription service is not yet known, but, according to the researcher Jane Wong, the service will be called Twitter Blue and will cost $2,99 per month.

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  • Wong adds that the service will have several different models, which will allow users to choose exactly the options they want for their account. Among them is allegedly Tip Jar, an option that will allow page owners to receive donations from followers.

    In recent times, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many content creators have started to work independently. Whether due to the economic crisis, or due to creative divergences in previous contracts, the search for alternatives for financial gains has grown exponentially, so Twitter is coming at the right time for many of them.

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