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Tim Cook advised Mark Zuckerberg to delete users data

In the last few months we have seen a series of ‘attacks’ between the CEOs of Facebook and Apple – Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, respectively – regarding user privacy and data protection. At the heart of the controversy is the iOS 14.5 update that was released this Tuesday, the 27th, for iPhones and the way it requires digital platforms to ask users for permission to access their data.

Tim Cook advised Mark Zuckerberg to delete users data

Tim Cook advised Mark Zuckerberg to delete users data (Image: Reuteurs)

Apparently, the disagreement between Zuckerberg and Cook did not arise with this update but rather a little earlier. The New York Times reports that the two executives met in 2019 in Sun Valley in the state of Idaho, USA, where they spoke about the Cambridge Analytica scandal that exposed data from 50 million Facebook accounts.

It was on this occasion that Zuckerberg asked Cook for his opinion on the case and advice on how to deal with privacy issues, with the publication reporting that the response from the Apple leader stunned the founder of the social network. Tim Cook allegedly advised Zuckerberg to delete all data collected by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, classifying the company’s business model as “unsustainable”.

Although Apple has defended the importance of keeping users’ data private several times in the past, this was the occasion that began to become evident the inevitability of a confrontation between the two companies.

With informations: The New York Times

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