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Donald Trump: Twitter is very boring, it’s a failed concept

Once a fervent Twitter user, it seems that Donald Trump now considers that the social network “is very boring” and says that “a lot of people are leaving” the platform.

Donald Trump: Twitter is very boring, it's a failed concept

Donald Trump: Twitter is very boring, it’s a failed concept (Image: politico)

Business Insider says that the ex-President of the USA made the comment in an interview with commentator Sean Hannity, where he further indicates that it was thanks to his participation that Twitter stopped being a “failed concept”.

During the presidency, Trump used Twitter to make all kinds of announcements and, having been banned from the platform, started communicating with his supporters via email announcements. “It is better than Twitter, much more elegant than Twitter,” said Trump.

Here is an example of his first-ever press release which he sent out from the Save America PAC on January 25.

Longtime Trump adviser Jason Miller revealed last month that the former president is also planning on launching his own social media platform.

Recall that Trump was banned from Twitter (and other digital platforms) after encouraging supporters to invade the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

With informations: Business Insider

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