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‘Cyberpunk 2077’. Refunds cost more than $50 million

CD Projekt RED recently presented their financial results, where it revealed that 13.7 million copies of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ were sold.PC and Stadia claimed the lion’s share of sales, at 56%. PlayStation is next with 28%, followed by Xbox at 17%.

'Cyberpunk 2077'. Refunds cost more than $50 million

‘Cyberpunk 2077’. Refunds cost more than $50 million

The Polish producer also revealed that 30,000 refund requests were processed through its Help Me Refund page.

However, it seems that this number does not tell the whole story. These 30,000 orders will have cost the company 2.23 million dollars, but, according to the company, the real cost of refunds in all platforms – both in physical and digital versions – was 51.2 million dollars.

Still, this figure is considerably lower than the $563 million revenue and $303 million in profits made in 2020.

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