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Tesla Autopilot ? “We were doing better in 2010”, says ex-Google

In addition to the autonomy of the vehicles, Tesla has always pointed out the Autopilot system as one of the great arguments for purchasing a car of the brand. The semi-autonomous system is still under development, but for the former leader of Waymo, the Autopilot is far from impressive.

Tesla Autopilot ?

Tesla Autopilot ? “We were doing better in 2010”, says ex-Google

Chris Urmson was one of the leaders in Google’s autonomous car division and, after leaving the tech giant in 2016, he helped found Aurora, a company created specifically to develop this technology. In an interview with Bloomberg, Urmson was asked about the possibility that Tesla cars could be used as driverless taxis in the future.

“It’s just not going to happen,” Urmson said. “It’s technically very impressive what they’ve done, but we were doing better in 2010.”

That’s a reference to Urmson’s time at Google. Google started recruiting DARPA Grand Challenge veterans around 2009. Within a couple of years, Google’s engineers had built a basic self-driving car that was capable of navigating a variety of roads around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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