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Facebook is launching a new ‘speed dating’ app

The division dedicated to testing new Facebook apps and services created a new ‘speed dating’ named Sparked, which allows users to meet new people more quickly.

Facebook is launching a new 'fast dating' app named Sparked

Facebook is launching a new ‘fast dating’ app named Sparked (Image: The Verge)

The Verge reported that the app will be free to access, will not have public profiles or the possibility to send private messages. Instead of the usual Tinder-like interactions, people will be making video calls with a maximum of four minutes. If both are pleased with the small ‘meeting’, there will be the possibility of going on to a second video call with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

It will be after this second stage that the participants will be able to exchange their contacts to continue getting to know each other. Sparked is currently only available on the web and does not yet have an Android or iOS version.

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