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Epic Games has already lost more than $450 million with their online store

Epic Games decided to launch its own online store, the Epic Games Store in late 2018 and exclusive launches and game offerings quickly became part of the platform’s image. However, it seems that the store has deserved a much more significant investment than expected.

Epic Games store

Epic Games has already lost more than $450 million with their online store (Image: The verge)

In documents submitted by Epic Games as part of the legal battle with Apple, we saw that the company has already lost more than 454 million dollars with the Epic Games Store since this store was launched. In 2019 the amount was $181 million, while in 2020 the amount amounted to $273 million. Epic has admitted that this trend will continue in the immediate future, and they project to lose around $139m on the Epic Games Store in 2021.

The company often loses because they have to pay a minimum guarantee in advance to the publisher of developer, one of the cases referred to refers to ‘Control’ by Remedy Entertainment, a game released in 2019 as an Epic Games Store exclusive and costed the company approximately $11.3 million.

Epic Games considers these values ​​of the last two years as a non-refundable investment, seeking to gain space in relation to rival Steam to convince players to continue on the platform.

They expect Epic Games Store to become profitable in 2023.

With informations: Eurogamer

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