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Twitter tried to acquire Clubhouse for $4 billion

Twitter is currently developing its own rival for the Clubhouse app, but according to Bloomberg, they tried to acquire Clubhouse in the past.


Clubhouse it’s a new audio-based social network created in 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co and took less than a year (January 21) to reach a $1 billion valuation after a round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. (Image: DW)

The publication says that Twitter offer reached $4 billion. Unfortunately, it is not known which of the companies started negotiations or what happened to make them fail.

The Clubhouse was launched last year and, although it is only available for iOS devices, it popularized the format of live audio conversations. Meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, LinkedIn and Spotify have already announced that they are working on their own versions of the Clubhouse.

The social network became so popular that their invites started to be sold for more than $100 on the web because of the access restrictions.

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