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Apple Watch is soon going to be controllable by blowing on it

We can not always touch the screen of the smartwatch to activate some features, either by having a busy hand, or even with gloves. You may think that voice commands are the best way out of this kind of situation, but Apple may be developing a new way to control your smart watch: with your blows.

The information comes from a patent registered by the company, which was approved in early April. The system would be able to “detect blowing events to switch between different modes of an electronic device”.

The attached images indicate that these “blowing events” are really a person blowing on a smartwatch to control it.

Apple watch blowing control

Patent shows blowing control system on Apple Watch (Image: Reproduction / Apple)

According to the patent, the resource would be used when the user was unable to physically interact with the device.

“Portable electronic devices often require a first hand of a user to hold or wear the device and a second hand to physically interact with the device for providing user input commands for controlling the functionality of the electronic device. When a user is unable to directly physically interact with an electronic device for providing input commands, the user experience provided by the device is significantly reduced,” the patent reads.

Although it was mostly demonstrated with an Apple Watch, the patent gives scope for the blowing detection technology to be used in other devices, such as an iPhone. In addition to triggering a particular feature, the user could blow harder or more often to perform different commands.

The sensors could detect the murmur by increasing or changing the pressure, and the system could also count on humidity or temperature sensors to prevent false positives.

Blow control in iphone and apple watch

Patent shows blowing control system on Apple Watch and iPhone (Image: Reproduction / Apple)

With informations from: Apple Insider

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