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Apple’s virtual reality headset is expected to hit the market by 2022

As always, Apple certainly has a lot of news still under lock and key: We already now that Tim Cook himself, the Apple CEO, said that Apple is working on something bigger than the iPhone and that Apple has never had products with so much potential. Now, Bloomberg returns to touch on an even older subject, but never made official: the possibility of a virtual reality (VR) headset owned by the iPhone owner.

According to them, the Cupertino company is only a few minutes away from making it official. While we already have the WWDC scheduled in June, it is uncertain that the Apple virtual reality headset appears there.

Apple’s strategy would be to announce an ambitious new hardware like this in a physical event, so that all the guests could immediately test the product, and this would help to animate the device potential public. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst in the financial market, believes that the device will be launched by 2022. He is also the one who anticipates some possible features, such as 8K displays and eye tracking technology.

Despite wanting to excite the market with this announcement, Apple should make its virtual reality headset a product for the few. Kuo himself says the price will be higher than the price of iPhones, and some insiders are betting on around the $3 thousand.

It is hard to say that Apple is entering the virtual reality headsets market late because it is unlikely that a launch of it will end up doing well in sales. The price of the virtual reality headset may be a determining factor for this.

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