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Facebook is planning to block news in Canada

Facebook is considering removing all news content from its platform in Canada, a decision similar to the one taken by the social network in February in Australia.

CNet says Canada is about to pass a bill that would force technology companies (like Facebook or Google) to pay media companies for content and news that appear on their platforms.

In reaction, Facebook policymaker in Canada, Kevin Chan, said the idea of ​​paying media companies “fundamentally breaks the premise of an open and free Internet”. Regarding the possibility of the company repeating in Canada the same performance that it had in Australia, Chain said that “It is never going to be something that we would ever want to do, unless we really have no choice,”.

In the case of Australia, Facebook eventually reached an agreement with the main media companies but, as it seems clear, the situation seems to have created a precedent that is now ‘inspiring’ other countries.

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