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Someone found a way to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a Game Boy (but it’s kinda slow)

Bitcoin (BTC) mining really became popular in 2021, the year in which the cryptocurrency reached several price records and had a big presence in the news all over the world. Thus, more and more alternatives to carry out the activity have emerged. More recently, even a simple Game Boy has been modified for this purpose.

StackSmashing channel on YouTube combined a Raspberry Pi Pico controller card, a conventional computer and a Game Boy over 20 years old to make the whole mining process take place only with the hardware of the classic portable video game.

gameboy mining bitcoin

Modified Game Boy used to mine bitcoin (Image: Playback / StackSmashing)

The additional elements, in reality, serve to supply the basics that the Game Boy does not have, such as internet connection. It is impossible to mine anything without accessing the digital currency blockchain network. Therefore, a modified cable was connected to the Raspberry Pi Pico card and then to a computer.

Through a computer, the youtuber activates the bitcoin mining protocol, so the Game Boy runs the hashing program that will effectively extract the cryptocurrency, while even showing fun animation on its display. StackSmashing was able to process a 76-byte data block using the handheld console. Mining effectiveness is almost nil.

As much fun as the experience is, it is nothing more than an experience. The Game Boy has a hash rate, which measures the effectiveness of mining, of approximately 0.8 H/s (hashes per second), while a ASIC machine can achieve up to 125 TH/s (trillions of hashes per second) ). That said, it is impossible to really mine any cryptocurrency with that power.

The rewards of bitcoin mining are directly linked to their participation in the processing of data blocks compared to the rest of the world’s users. There is a minimal hash rate for successfully extracting the smallest amount of cryptocurrency. That said, the Game Boy was able to process 76 bytes of data from the blockchain, but that is absolutely irrelevant given the average power of miners around the world.

With informations : The verge and Tecnoblog

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