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5,000 people participated in a concert in Spain to test post-pandemic events

On Saturday (27), five thousand people participated in a concert in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to test post-pandemic events. They all had to wear masks and pass a Covid test before entering the arena, but social distance was not necessary.

The performance was by the Spanish pop rock band “Love of Lesbian”, already nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards. The show needed government approval to take place.

“Welcome to one of the most exciting shows of our lives!” Said the band’s lead singer, Santi Balmes, in a greeting to the crowd, who applauded.

In surreal scenes after a year of social detachment, fans danced close to each other, but the sea of ​​masked faces showed that things were not back to normal. Sanitary controls at the entrance delayed the start of the show, but did not dampen the spirit of celebration, according to Reuters.

“It was spectacular. We feel safe all the times. We were in the front row and it was something we missed very much, ” advertiser Salvador, 29, told Reuters after the show. “We are very proud to have had a chance to participate in this. We hope it will be the first of many, ” he said.

The tests used were for antigens – which, like the PCR test, identify the coronavirus directly, because they detect specific proteins that the virus produces and that appear on its surface.

Unlike PCR, which can take hours to present the results – because they need to be taken to a laboratory and analyzed, antigen tests do not need a laboratory.

The examinations were carried out in three places in Barcelona by 80 nurses, all wearing complete personal protective equipment. About 10 to 15 minutes later, participants received the results in a mobile application. The test and the mask were included in the ticket price.

By midday, 3 of the 2,400 people already examined had received a positive result for Covid, and one had contact with a positive case. They were unable to attend the show and were guaranteed a refund.

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