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Putin gets vaccinated against covid without cameras and wants 700 million doses of Sputnik arround the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin received the first dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 on Tuesday (23), according to informations from the Russian news agency RIA. The Vaccination was not done publicly.

The Kremlin had said earlier that it would not disclose which of the three Russian vaccines available on the market would be used to immunize the 68-year-old president.

“All three Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable, safe and effective,” said government spokesman Dmitry Peskov at a news conference.

Russia currently distributes three vaccines developed in the country for free:

Sputnik V, from the Gamaleya laboratory
EpiVacCorona, from the Vector Institute of Siberia
CoviVac, from the Chumakov Center

The Sputnik V vaccine was one of the first in the world to be applied in a mass vaccination campaign. It is distributed – in addition to Russia – in 17 more countries, and was approved in 54, and now the want to distribute 700 million doses arround the world.

Many political leaders around the world have been vaccinated against the covid-19, including the American president, Joe Biden, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II. Some did it on camera, as a message of confidence in science addressed to their fellow citizens.

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