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New Fiat car will pay you cryptocurrencies for “sustainable” direction

Owners of the new Fiat 500 electric car will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies for “sustainable driving behavior”, according to a press release published on Monday (16).

The Fiat 500, Fiat’s first all-electric car, will reward responsible drivers with KiriCoins, a cryptocurrency developed by Kiri Technologies in partnership with Fiat’s parent company Stellantis.

“We want to support our customers’ ecological behaviors and reward them with exclusive benefits. Simply by driving the New 500, connected and equipped with the new infotainment system, KiriCoins can be collected in a ‘virtual’ wallet shown in the Fiat app, ” said Gabriele Catacchio, e-Mobility program manager at Stellantis.

Catacchio explained that the direction data will be loaded into the Kiri cloud and automatically converted to KiriCoins, which can be used later to purchase products and services in the Kiri market. Drivers with the best “eco: Score” will also receive additional rewards, such as vouchers for Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify and Zalando.

During normal driving in the city, new owners will earn about one KiriCoin per kilometer, each worth two euro cents. Thus, by driving 10,000 kilometers per year on average, users can earn around € 150 (US $178) during this period, the statement noted.

Kiri is currently available in 13 European countries. It can also potentially be expanded to sectors such as renewable energy and organic food.

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