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BMW unveils new version of iDrive, a “big step” in autonomous driving

One of BMW’s greatest points of pride is the information and entertainment system included in their vehicles for the past 20 years. Now, BMW has unveiled the new generation of iDrive which, according to the company’s CTO, Frank Weber, is a “big step” for completely autonomous vehicles.

“It is not an evolutionary step from what we had in the [previous] generation. It is a new system, completely new with regard to sensors, computing and the way it was developed ”, pointed out Weber.

This version of iDrive allows vehicles to enjoy Level 2 automation, which means that the system will be able to keep the car on the same road, detect other vehicles in blind spots, automatically brake in an emergency and still apply adaptive cruise control.

Regarding the look of this eighth generation iDrive, BMW drivers can count on a combination of the instrument panel and the entertainment system on a single curved screen. To assist the driver, BMW has integrated the Personal Intelligent Assistant digital assistant which, in addition to “adjusting to the driver’s needs and routines”, will also be able to “interact with natural dialogue – similar to what happens in a relationship between humans”.

IDrive will offer three driving modes (sporty, personal and efficient) and will also allow drivers to connect their mobile phones via Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto. The iDrive will be offered on BMW’s next electric vehicles, including the iX in the SUV category and the i4 in the saloon category.

In the gallery below you can see some images of this new generation of iDrive.

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