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Nano cryptocurrency is target of spam attacks and suffers from slow network

The cryptocurrency blockchain Nano (NANO) has been receiving spam attacks for a few days, which has caused slow transfers with the cryptocurrency. The problem was reported by network users on Reddit and Twitter. Due to the overhead in the volume of transactions, the network has a partial limitation of functionality.

In one of the nodes verified by the report, there were 600 thousand transactions stopped. The default is to either have none or be around 30. The problem is because spammers are clogging the blockchain by carrying out recurring transactions at zero cost. This is possible because Nano does not charge fees for processing transfers.

“Over the past few weeks, someone has been congesting the network with transactions that are basically worthless, ” explains user hanzyfranzy on Reddit.

The phenomenon can be seen on the NanoLooker platform, which analyzes Nano’s blockchain. The website shows a sequence of worthless transactions being made every second.

Nano enthusiast Mira Hurley saw the situation on the bright side. “The spam attack summed up. 4.6 million transactions made in 24 hours; 0.376 seconds, on average, confirmation time, zero fees and less energy used than ONE average Bitcoin transaction, ”she said on Twitter on Monday (8).

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